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Wireless Projects



Client: City of Atlantic Beach, FL

Problem: Current Cisco 802.11 point to point equipment was dropping connections and was very slow. Data rate was less than 5mbs and not sufficient for their needs. Mayport navy base is within 2 miles of the wireless equipment causing interference with the installation.

Solution: Installed three, Redline Communications 36 Mbps point to point links from existing water towers to 80 foot Rohn towers. Links now allow for network data, SCADA and Video images across the wireless link. Due to interference from the navy base, we used a 4.9 GHz instead of 5.8 GHz frequency range for some of the links. More wireless projects...

Network Projects


Client: Eisman & Russo - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Exchange 2003 Email server was out of warranty with 120 email mailboxes.

Solution: Installed new Dell Power Edge server, configured server for Windows 2008 and Exchange 2010 software and migrated all email to new server over a weekend. Replaced application server and migrated all SQL databases to new Dell Power Edge server. Setup a Sonicwall Firewall in a hub and spoke VPN design connecting 7 remote offices around Florida to corporate network.

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Security / Disaster Recovery Projects


Client: Health Insurance Company - Jacksonville, Fl

Problem: Company was owned by parent company of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of SC.

Solution: Provided a HIPAA focused security assessment on servers, PC's, network and users. *** Details are company confidential ***

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