What We Do:

We are a small business (under 300 users) computer networking consulting company that can provide complete management of your computer network - think of us as your IT department. We can also provide specific, project related tasks to help your current IT team active their project goals.

We have the experience and expertise to provide:

  • Technical support of all common business software applications, we work with the software vendors technical support to get you up and running quickly
  • HIPAA compliance verification and remediation
  • Network design and troubleshooting
  • Network cabling services
  • Security solutions and assessments
  • Secure VPN connectivity
  • Designing secured wireless networks
  • Custom designed Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)
  • Antivirus/Spyware removal services
  • Cost saving monthly maintenance contracts with priority service and a competitive hourly rate
  • Our Professional Managed Services Include:
    1. Full Server Backup solutions with daily reports
    2. Remote server and PC monitoring with daily reports
    3. Patch Management Services for servers and PC's



Below are some of the vendors that we are partnered with and that we recommend and use. These vendors provide "best of breed" solutions to small business environments.

  • Dell - Servers & PC's
  • Microsoft - Server and PC operating systems
  • Sonicwall - Firewalls and VPN connectivity
  • Symantec - Backup software
  • GFI - Antivirus/Spyware and Spam software
  • NovaStor - Backup Software
  • LightPointe - Wireless Connectivity
  • Redline - Wireless Connectivity
  • Cisco - Network Connectivity


How We Are Different:

We are highly trained and experienced systems and network engineers, not just "technicians". We have worked for fortune 500 company's and have gained experience in these environments so that we can apply what we have learned to your business.

  • We use Microsoft's "Best Practices" when designing and assessing your network
  • We proactively remotely monitor and manage your network
  • We backup the entire server everyday, not just some of your data
  • We verify your data is backed up by periodically restoring some of your data
  • Our engineers are not technicians but experienced, certified & trained computer network engineers
  • We comply with and provide assessments in HIPAA compliance
  • We provide "Remote Monitoring" of critical server functions with emailed client reports
  • We will sit down and create a specific Disaster Recovery Plan for your office
  • We will create network documentation with a software binder to keep all the installed software and licenses safe
  • Discounted prices: We sell, install and service PC's, servers, software and network equipment

Our motto: "Fix it right the first time"