Latest Projects

Wireless Success Stories:


Client: City of Atlantic Beach, FL

Problem: Current Cisco 802.11 point to point equipment was dropping connections and was very slow. Data rate was less than 5mbs and not sufficient for their needs. Mayport navy base is within 2 miles of the wireless equipment causing interference with the installation.

Solution: Installed three, Redline Communications 36 Mbps point to point links from existing water towers to 80 foot Rohn towers. Links now allow for network data, SCADA and Video images across the wireless link. Due to interference from the navy base, we used a 4.9 GHz instead of 5.8 GHz frequency range for some of the links.


Client: Jacksonville Community Council, Inc - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Need a wireless access for remote users when working in their office.

Solution: Installed one Dlink Wireless Access Point to cover all rooms in office. We installed a high gain Omni-directional antenna to provide the maximum coverage using one access point.


Client: Scott Trucking - Yulee, FL

Problem: Connect the company office network to the shop building over 100 yards away.

Solution: Installed two Cisco wireless access points in a point to point configuration to provide for network connectivity to two PC's in the shop building.


Client: Map Int. - Brunswick, GA

Problem: Provide for a wireless network in the companies warehouse and office space.

Solution: Installed three Netgear Wireless Access Points strategically placed in different areas of the warehouse. Original design called for four access points but upon installation found three covered 100% of the desired area. We installed a fourth access point in a conference room to provide for internet access for guests.


Client: Tempest Resorts - Orlando, FL

Problem: Connect the company's four locations to their data center. 3 buildings are within 2 miles of each other, the 4th building a timeshare resort was 11.5 miles away.

Solution: Installed four Redline Communications AN50 links. Two of the links are within two miles of each other and are line of sight. The third link was a 2 mile link bouncing the signal of a local hotel. The fourth link was a resort 11.5 miles away. The link was non-line of sight shooting across Disney's Epcot. All links are transmitting at the full 18MB rate that was purchased with latency less than 10ms.


Client: Edward Waters College - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Connect the schools network to a temporary building housing several classrooms that is across a busy street.

Solution: Installed an Enterasys point to point wireless link that provided a secure connection to the schools network. We installed another wireless access point inside the temporary building to provide workgroup coverage for the students and teachers.


Client: K-12 School - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: How to connect 3 separate buildings to the campus network at the least possible cost.

Solution: Since the underground conduit was not usable, we decided to run 6-strand aerial fiber from the main MDF in the computer room to the gym and then onto the athletic building. From the athletic building we used an Enterasys 802.11b wireless in a point-to-point configuration to connect to the maintenance office across the football field. This scenario provided the highest throughput and the lowest cost to the buildings that had the greatest number of users.


Client: Secure-Res - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Company needed Wireless coverage throughout their large office.

Solution: After a site survey was performed, four Dlink Wireless Access Points were installed which covered 97% of the office space. Access points were installed with a Dlink management device so IT staff can monitor equipment.


Client: Days Inn - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Hotel had previous wireless install but was in a non working condition.

Solution: Replaced missing or defective access points. Installed surge suppressors for POE data cables. We replaced defective POE switch that was used for power and network connectivity and installed Wireless Access Points into a lockable security enclosure.

Network Success Stories:


Client: Eisman & Russo - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Exchange 2003 Email server was out of warranty with 120 email mailboxes.

Solution: Installed new Dell Power Edge server, configured server for Windows 2008 and Exchange 2010 software and migrated all email to new server over a weekend. Replaced application server and migrated all SQL databases to new Dell Power Edge server. Setup a Sonicwall Firewall in a hub and spoke VPN design connecting 7 remote offices around Florida to corporate network.


Client: Dr. Archambault DDS - Orange Park, FL

Problem: Server was out of warranty and long term un-resolved PC and network issues.

Solution: Installed new Dell Power Edge server, migrated original Practice Works application software and data to new server. Fixed network configuration issues using Microsoft "Best Practices" and PC problems were resolved. Replaced all 11 PC's running Windows XP Pro with new Dell PC's running Windows 7 Pro.


Client: Equipment Services of Jax - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Company is in a growth stage and needed to provide for data backup and remote access for their two companies.

Solution: Setup a Dell Power Edge server with Windows 2008. We designed a directory structure for data storage and data backup. We installed a Sonicwall firewall with client side VPN support for remote access to files for owner and remote Palatka office.


Client: St. Joseph Catholic School - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: School was using out dated servers and was growing rapidly.

Solution: Replaced servers with new Dell Power Edge servers running Windows 2008. We setup one server using Exchange 2010 software for 150 mailboxes and migrated email to the new server. Setup a second Dell Power Edge server as a Terminal Server for several dozen users.


Client: Dr. Patel - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: Office had expired server with several major hardware issues.

Solution: Replaced server with new Dell Power Edge server. Migrated office application software and databases to new server. Replaced old Windows XP PC's with used Windows 7 PC's to save client money.


Client: Clay County Clerk of Courts - Green Cove Springs, FL

Problem: Network slowdowns were causing user dissatisfaction with using the network. Network was also running out of IP addresses.

Solution: Performed a network assessment and determined that DNS was not configured correctly. Reconfigured network protocols for excessive broadcasts on the network of 350 users. Created and implemented a new IP addressing scheme to allow for growth and expendability. Performed Security assessment to determine how hackers had penetrated their servers.


Client: Dr. Dukes - Atlantic Beach, FL

Problem: Office was only using 3 PC's to manage patient information and needed to have all staff access patient data

Solution: Installed new Dell Power Edge server running Windows 2012 and 6 new Dell PC's running Windows 7. Migrated patient database to server, setup full server backup schedule, installed Vipre Antivirus software on all devices and installed a Sonicwall firewall for network security. Designed and installed network according to HIPAA recommendations.

Security Success Stories:


Client: Client Confidential - Jacksonville, FL

Problem: E-commerce Company needed a security assessment to determine risk and exposure of its client database.

Solution: Performed a security assessment and determined that FTP passwords were easily guessed and hacked. We recommended stronger passwords and use Secure FTP protocol. We determined that the firewall was configured to allow any and all traffic to exit from internal LAN. We also recommended shutting off all but needed ports to secure the internal LAN from worms and Trojan attacks.


Client: County Clerk of Courts - Florida

Problem: Web server was hacked into and web pages were changed.

Solution: Performed a security assessment and determined that some of the key servers were in need of patches. Also, network passwords were easily guessed and hacked. Recommended stronger passwords and implement server patch management.


Client: Health Insurance Company - Jacksonville, Fl

Problem: Company was owned by parent company of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of SC.

Solution: Provided a HIPAA focused security assessment on servers, PC's, network and users. *** Details are company confidential ***


Client: Several Dentists - Jacksonville, Fl

Problem: Dental clients fall under HIPAA and HITECH compliance and needed to have security assessment performed.

Solution: Setup process for sending secure email. Provided a HIPAA focused security assessment on servers, PC's, network and users. Performed remediation based on assessment finds. *** Details are company confidential ***