The StarTech Group is a Microsoft Certified partner with over 30 years experience providing Information Technology (IT) consulting services for small to medium size businesses. We are a full service company that provides network design, network troubleshooting, computer networks, servers and PC's sales and service.

Our Mission:

Our business philosophy is to provide first class technology support and service to any size business office. Our approach is to apply Microsoft "best practices" when designing, installing and troubleshooting your computer network. This approach allows for reliable and consistent computer operation with minimal problems. Our system engineers are detailed orientated and strive to resolve your technology problems on their first visit. This approach saves you time, money and aggravation.


Computer networks are like buildings, and the Microsoft Operating system that is used on PC's and servers are the foundation of your "building". Your business application software sits on top of this foundation. What this means is that if the foundation is not setup correctly, then your building will always have some kind problem. Slowness, intermittent "crashes" and unexplained errors can all be caused by an incorrectly setup network.

Call us today to see if your "foundation" is setup correctly! (904-608-9987)